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If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when facing all the steps required to get your book from the draft stage to a polished final product, then look no further than Ashborne Stardust Editing & Design. Not only are her services affordable, but she goes above and beyond at every step along the way to help you get a book you can be proud of to the finish line. From cover art to copyediting, proofing, and formatting, Ashborne Stardust brings a patient, professional, and experienced eye to it all.

When I first started working on my story, I had no idea how I was going to get it through all the proper treatments on its way to a finished novel. As a first-time self-publisher, I worried that I would have to skip some of these vital steps just to get it to market. The entry prices for these things can be incredibly daunting, but the risk of losing quality to more affordable rates can be just as equally so.

I discovered Ashborne Stardust while searching for book cover artists online (one thing at a time, right?) and discovered that, in addition to great cover designs, she also provides all the finishing services I was looking for. Her rates were not only at a level I could work with, but the sales-pitches on her website left me feeling like she really might know her stuff. After a great experience with getting my book cover, I decided to take the leap.

I wasn’t disappointed. From beginning to end Ashborne offered excellent advice, catching not only all the big things that I needed to fix but also minor errors and inconsistencies that I never would have noticed on my own. Even better, she provided invaluable, modern advice on contextual descriptions that I didn’t get input about from my test-readers. I found myself improving as a writer simply by applying her editing suggestions to my book. Formatting the finished text was equally as valuable, allowing me to confidently move on to marketing and publishing. Working with Ashborne was both a relief and a delight from beginning to end.

If you find yourself in a similar situation to mine, then I highly recommend Ashborne Stardust Editing & Design. You won’t need to sell your house to complete your book, and what you’ll end up with will be so worth it. She won’t write your story for you, but she will help you to make a professional, quality product that you can be proud to publish.




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