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A stunning cover can make all the difference! Many readers respond to fantastic covers that spark their interest and compel them to read a book. A cover catches their attention, says something about what’s inside, and gets your name onto the list of authors they’ve heard of so they can come back for more.

I offer pre-made and custom covers to help you achieve that. Each cover is carefully crafted and unique to your book, whatever the genre. If you’ve got a cover in mind, let’s make it happen!

What else I offer:
• Open discussion between us about what you want the cover to look like. Tell me about your book! Your characters, the genre, the blurb/summary. Let’s talk mood, atmosphere, significant visuals, and anything that makes your book what it is so we can get to the perfect cover.

• Unlimited revisions before the work is finalized. I will send you mock-ups that you can review, all able to be tweaked until you’re happy with it.

• Final files in whatever size and file type you need, for whichever platform you’re going to offer the book on: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and more.

• Designs that use high-quality stock photos from official sites, including Depositphotos, Shutterstock, CanStockPhoto, Adobe Stock, and Dreamstime, all of which is included in the design fee.


Pre-made Covers vs Custom-made Covers
The pre-made covers are designed to be purchased by anyone who wants them (first come, first served!), but they aren’t meant to be customizable, save for the title, author name, series name, and a tagline, should you want to add one. This allows me to offer these covers at a much-reduced price. Minor changes to the design itself may be possible at extra charge, and we can talk about that. These can be turned around quickly. Scroll down to see all available pre-made covers or see this page!

Custom-made covers are created from scratch to suit your vision, from images to typography, with revisions made along the way. We’ll stay in contact during the process so you can keep up with what’s going on. Please note that revisions take time, so they may impact the date of completion. Make sure to give extra time for the design process!

Most importantly: no matter which option you choose, the cover you purchase is yours. None of these covers will be sold twice.

* All prices in USD

Pre-made covers
eBook (single): $75 – $40 (on sale!)
eBook (set – duo): $140 – $80 (on sale!)
eBook (set – trilogy): $210 – $120 (on sale!)

eBook + print** (single): $125 – $90 (on sale!)
eBook + print** (set – duo): $240 – $180 (on sale!)
eBook + print** (set – trilogy): $360 – $270 (on sale!)

Minor changes to the design: $5 per change
(Author name, title, series name, and optional tagline are included in the regular price.
“Minor changes” refers to small details in the design, such as font style/typography or item colour.)

Custom-made covers

eBook: $150 – $75 (50% OFF!)
eBook + print**: $200 – $125 (on sale!)

** Please note: The print options are applicable ONLY to covers I’ve designed, due to legal reasons. Also, if you purchase an eBook cover from me originally, but then decide you want a print cover, too — even months later — let me know! The print option can be added any time for an additional $50, so long as it’s a cover I’ve designed.

Need to know more? Check out the FAQs or contact me, and read more about Payment Information & Delivery! My inbox is always open, so feel free to ask me anything about the process or share your idea for a cover.


Available Pre-made Covers!

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