Pre-made Covers

These pre-made covers are available for immediate purchase and can be turned around quickly. For any cover you purchase, the title and author name will be changed to match your title and publishing name, and I can add a series name and tagline should you want them. However, these covers aren’t meant to be customizable outside of that, though minor changes to the design may be possible at extra charge. No cover will be sold twice. For more info, see the Cover Designs page, the FAQs, the Payment Information & Delivery page, or contact me.


* All prices in USD

eBook (single): $75 – $40 (on sale!)
eBook (set – duo): $140 – $80 (on sale!)
eBook (set – trilogy): $210 – $120 (on sale!)

eBook + print (single): $125 – $90 (on sale!)
eBook + print (set – duo): $240 – $180 (on sale!)
eBook + print (set – trilogy): $360 – $270 (on sale!)

Minor changes to the design: $5 per change
(Author name, title, series name, and optional tagline are included in the regular price.
“Minor changes” refers to small details in the design, such as font style/typography or item colour.)



Available Pre-made Covers!



Contemporary, Romance & Erotica (Contemporary, LGBTQA+, Holiday, etc.), and Holiday



Fantasy, Fairytale, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy/Fairytale Romance, Historical, & Historical Romance



Science Fiction, Dystopian, and Sci-fi/Dystopian Romance



Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, and Paranormal/Mystery/Thriller Romance



Cover Sets – Duos & Trilogies

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