Hello & welcome!

I’m Liz (aka. Archer in the land of romance fiction!), an author at heart with a love of all things fantasy, science, and anything in between. My truest loves include anything to do with words, animals, and music, but I’m also fond of graphics design and costuming.

Since 2013, I’ve published several works through multiple small publishers and on my own. Before that, I attended Western University for Zoology, followed by studies in Western’s Not-for-Profit Management program while working for various organizations and serving six years on a municipal advisory committee.

My experiences with the written word extend far beyond that, however. I was nearly six years old when I wrote my first story and haven’t stopped since! Words are my life. In the last twenty years, my publication credits include nine novels and novellas, five short stories, and more than two dozen poems. My work has appeared in nine anthologies, the Western Gazette, and Dreams Eternal Magazine. Three of my books have placed as Finalists in the Rainbow Awards, including one that won second place in Best Bisexual Fiction and was shortlisted as a Finalist in the Bisexual Book Awards. Outside of the fiction realm, I’ve written for non-profits and government bodies, including research projects and policies.

Along the way, I’ve had plenty of experience with editors across three small presses, and I’ve worked in a proofreader/copyeditor capacity since January 2019. I’ve found there’s a calm and peace in editing anything that’s not my own work (no joke), and I love doing detail-oriented things (I’m a total nerd), so if I can help you, I will!

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